The ladder of exhaustion

IS there anyone else out there that is sick of climbing the ladder of exhaustion? I am not really sure where the success is on this ladder but I am sure at some point the materials to build this never ending ladder will run out and most likely before I get to the top of it. So I guess now I am going to try my luck at being and artist, writer, freespirit and I guess mommy


Rules for the country part 4

31. Squirrels always know where the back side of the tree is
32. Don’t miss a chance to hear a grandpa story
33. The rules are different at deer camp
34. Don’t forget a pocket knife
35. Conserve natural resources
36. Country doesn’t mean dirty
37. Get to know the bird songs
38. Watch your back
39. Seeing the windmill is always a welcome home
40. Take good care of your boots
* Bonus: Cows are stupid

Not a very good blogger

I don’t seem to be very good when it comes to blogging. My inspiration is all or nothing. Or I spend a whole day sleeping and just flat miss a day, which was the case yesterday. I am pregnant and when I am at home I don’t get to sleep enough so here in the country I usually sleep till someone makes me get up. This time it was the newly growing baby needing some food.

Mom’s change of heart – How would you change?

When my mom found out she had cancer for the 2nd time in her life she was one of those people who would make me stand in one line at the grocery store while she stood in another to see which of us got to the front first.  It didn’t take long before he whole thinking changed. She let others go first if they had their hands full or very few items, she would stop to let people turn out of parking lots, and she would greet just about everyone she came across with a smile.

She would go out of her way to thank the people who helped her.  One day a truck driver stopped to tell his story after witnessing an accident my mom was in. She got hit in an intersection by someone who had run the light. My mom was thankful that someone spoke up for her. She mailed him a check for $50, not a ton but she wanted to say thank you and just let him know it was appreciated.

Things happen all throughout life that change us. It may be slightly or drastically but it is what makes us who we are. The experience has made me compare everything to brain cancer. Is this a big deal compared to brain cancer? Most things don’t even come close, and it has made me a much happier person.

Seems to be a bit of confusion

I have been married about a year to a high school friend. LEt me tell you that getting married at 40 is quite challenging, especially to a man that had never been married, talk about someone stuck in their ways.
Anyway, his friends all told him that sex stops after marriage. My response was “Why would it, are you going to quit putting out? He said no way but the wife never wants it as much as the husband does.
So here we are a year later and every day would be good for me and he keeps saying he is old.
So do all guys do this?

Rules for the country part 3

21. Don’t stand upwind
22. Don’t shoot at anything that moves
23. Eat everything you hunt or harvest, what you can’t eat give away
24. Walking is good for you and you’ll see twice as much
25. I said wave damit
26. Deer love misletoe
27. Give the girls a chance to shoot too.
28. Listen to the land
29. The gamewarden doesn’t need a warrant
30. Be thankful for all the days you don’t have to see concrete