A little about my mom

Ok so the reason I wanted to put something in about my mom.

She was a fighter, I have changed my whole thinking because of her.

In the mid 90’s she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a mastectomy and was a survivor. She was about 45 at the time.

She managed to get enough money saved up and retire are the age of 50. I wish I could.

Then on her birthday in 2005 she had a seizure that turned out to be brain cancer. It wasn’t the breast cancer that moved to her brain either. It was a second primary. It was a very aggressive kind and the Dr. told her that she would survive as hong as she could survive having the tumors removed, not 90% didn’t make it 3 years. She had brain surgery 4 times and made it 3 1/2 years. During that time she never complained and sis everything they told her to even though it made her terribly sick.

After one of her surgeries she was released in less than 24 hours. She told them she didn’t have much time left and she wasn’t spending it there. On the way home she wanted to stop at Walmart, so she slapped a hat on her head and went in and got some wine and Cheetoes her favorite. There was still iodine stained on her face.

Now I compare everything to what she went through, how does it compare to brain cancer, and it doesn’t.

Thank  you mom for giving me a new outlook.

I miss you!


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