Mom’s change of heart – How would you change?

When my mom found out she had cancer for the 2nd time in her life she was one of those people who would make me stand in one line at the grocery store while she stood in another to see which of us got to the front first.  It didn’t take long before he whole thinking changed. She let others go first if they had their hands full or very few items, she would stop to let people turn out of parking lots, and she would greet just about everyone she came across with a smile.

She would go out of her way to thank the people who helped her.  One day a truck driver stopped to tell his story after witnessing an accident my mom was in. She got hit in an intersection by someone who had run the light. My mom was thankful that someone spoke up for her. She mailed him a check for $50, not a ton but she wanted to say thank you and just let him know it was appreciated.

Things happen all throughout life that change us. It may be slightly or drastically but it is what makes us who we are. The experience has made me compare everything to brain cancer. Is this a big deal compared to brain cancer? Most things don’t even come close, and it has made me a much happier person.


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