Efficient – Quote

You never know where inspiration will come.

Last Saturday I went to the liquor store as usual with my husband traveled at breakneck speed to make it on time because they don’t sell it on Sunday. He pulls up and I jump out and the guy standing at the door says “you have one minute” I said I wouldn’t need that long. What I get was right in the front of the store, Smirnoff Vodka 80 proof, always on sale.

As I was walking out the door I came up with something really clever but could not remember what is was until last night. Back to the liquor store, but this time I drove myself while hubby was working on a truck. I made it with 10 minutes to spare, and much to my surprise so did the other 60 people that was in line in front of me.

While I was standing there waiting I remembered my new quote because I thought it was fitting for that moment also.

“With consistency come efficiency” is what flew out of my mouth at random as I left the store last week.


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