Registering to vote and government assistance – Should it be required?

I read the other day that to be on government assistance you have to register to vote. I also read that they are trying to make it where you have to drug test to get government assistance. I was very surprised to learn that registering to vote is required but drug testing isn’t, go figure.

I completely disagree with the practice of requiring registration to vote to receive assistance. Don’t get me wrong I think everyone should register to vote and make an educated decision when voting time comes, but requiring that they register to receive assistance seem like it gives an unfair advantage to the Liberal side of the house as more than 50% of people on government assistance are of Liberal thinking.

Essentially what it is doing is providing a mailing list of people that they are easily convince to vote democratic by telling them that Republicans will get rid of their assistance. I wouldn’t be surprised if the party volunteers picked them up and drove them to voting locations just to make sure.

An interesting turn of events has put me briefly on a program for pregnant women with no insurance. It is funny how things work out, but I am newly married and having a baby and am super happy about everything accept the assistance.

At least I was already registered to vote so one less thing I had to do.

Oh and just a little side rant. All I can say is no wonder. I have no cost out of pocket, no co-pay, no deductible, no cost for prescriptions, dental, or glasses. So why did I work my butt off to find a job where I would get so so insurance that I had to pay out the butt for?

Well there is my 2 cents on assistance; I guess I am glad to have it right now.


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