How do I get that job

Its funny if you make minimum wage you want to know how you get a job paying $10 per hour, if you make $10 you want to know how to make $15, $15 wants to know how to make $20, and so on.
Well I can tell you because I did it. IT wasn’t to many years ago that I made nothing. Everyone said “go work for the phone company” so I did, doing customer service. I still made nothing but I had benefits and got a raise every 6 months. I got up to $10 per hour pretty quickly and didn’t have to work weekends any more. When I got my 18 months in I applied for every management job open and I got the first one I interviewed for. So I went from making $10 per hour to $36,000 per year. Not bad for a barely made it through high school kid. A few months later they re-rated the job and bumped the pay to $44,000. I would have never tried for a manager job but my friends said “you can do that”. So I did. What ever they wanted me to do I learned. My motto was ” if I didn’t know it I was going to learn it before they figured out I didn’t know”.
When they went bankrupt I had some experience under my belt so I asked for more. $60,000 this time and guess what, I got it. I started learning everything I could get my hands on and my resume reads like a all there is to know about IT book.
After I left that job because I was bored I asked for $100,000 and I got it and filled one of my life goals of making $100,000 per year before I was 40.
My current position I asked for 90,000 and got $120,000 plus benefits and it is permanent full time Work From Home.
So the tip here is learn everything, I am pretty happy where I am but now my question is “How do I make a million?”


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