Hunting for the girls

My boyfriend at the time, now my husband took me hunting for the first time in December 2010. We pulled up and there were deer all over. He pulled out his rifle and handed it to me and said look through there. So I did, and he said see that buck? Shoot it. So I did.

So my first day hunting with one shot I got and 8 point buck with his Weatherby .270. It was a wonderful day. Four days later he got me my own Weatherby .243 for Christmas and I have been hunting with him since.

We got married in March 2011 and he got me a pink Tarus 9mm. He said it wasn’t very accurate but it was a symbol. He only thought it wasn’t very accurate when I used it to shoot a critter out of a tree with a spotlight at night. He said something about the light beam messes up your aim.

I have also managed to acquire a Browning 16 gauge shotgun with really old loads that are heavier than his 12 gauge. I just happen to be really good at flushing quail.

So guys don’t under estimate the girls, they just might be a fun huntin’ buddy. I spit and swear when we are there just to be cute.

Oh and I am a great bed warmer


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