In search of color

At our ranch in Central Texas there is a sea of white rock otherwise known as Texas Limestone. Hidden in the rock are thousands of little things that are to most eyes missed.

As I was walking this evening I was in search of color. Sometimes I look down and see a little piece of pink, red or dark orange. They are very few and far between and they are usually a piece of what my husband calls spark rock, I have always called them quartz crystals. I also find garnets they are by no means gem quality but they are definitely craft quality and one day hope to make a bracelet out of them or something unusual that represents me.

In this area of the country there is alot of Native American artifacts. I have never found a complete arrowhead but I find parts of them and other tools quite often. Most are made of a dark grey brown flint or chert so it is at least a different color than white but still not colorful. Some of them are made of white flint and it is pretty hard to find because I tend to overlook a lot of things that are white. Did you know that a piece of flint that has been knapped does not collect dirt which makes them easier to see among the other rocks as they are dark and shiny.More recently I have been in search of fossils. The idea of what was happening where I am standing thousands of years ago clouds my mind with ideas and made up stories of what could have been. I  like conglomerate rocks besides being colorful usually they are made up of a lot of little things that have been preserved in one small area. I usually take them home with me so when I start missing the country I can big into them and it makes me feel better.

Well it is time to leave and go back to the city (I won’t say home because this is my home, if you go by the phrase “home is where the heart is”)

I can’t wait till I am back home


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