Is it even possible? Sometimes my husband doesn’t know who I am

I have an awesome husband. He redefined my entire definition of love. He has a huge heart, he is a hard worker, he supports my career, and he always seems to know the right thing to say. He is not a morning person and can be super grumpy but I have just learned to stay out of his way while he is waking up. I learned the hard way, another story for another time.

It seems that hubby has something called REM Sleep Disorder which is the person not getting REM sleep so when he is awake he is trying to get it and it can show it’s ugly head in many ways.

Hubby absolutely hates to go to sleep, I am not sure why, maybe it is because he fears death. Sometimes he will put it off for days catching little naps here and there. By the time he does go to sleep he is so exhausted, body and mind, that he does not enter REM Sleep. So when he wakes up alot of the time he doesn’t know where he is or who I am. This is because his body is still trying to get its REM Sleep in even though he is awake. We have not been married long and I am not sure I can begin to describe the feeling I would get when he didn’t know me. I have learned to get over it because I know now that he loves me and he can’t help it.

With some experimenting we have found that if we go to sleep at the same time and he puts his arms around me, usually with my head on his shoulder tht when he wakes up not only is he in a much better mood and he knows me. So for now I make sure that I pay attention to him laying down and get my head on that shoulder before he goes to sleep. I call it shoulder time.

So while is still blows my mind that sometimes he doesn’t know me, I have learned to deal with it. Personally I hope they find a cure



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