My Instruction Manual – What you say / What I hear

I am a very complex being and therefore decided I needed an instruction manual. I am a technical writer and I write them all the time so I figured why not. This is one appendix section of my manual.

Appendix A

What you say

What I hear

I t must have just disappeared

You took it

Do you know where it is?

Where did you put it

Are you ready?

It is time to go

Are you hungry?

I am ready to eat, feed me

Which way should I go?

Read my mind

Have you seen my???

You should have been paying attention to where I put my…

Do you want Mexican food?

I want Mexican food

Do you want ________?

I want ________.

Can we go to the store?

Can we go a bunch of places?

I am going to…

You want to go without me

What did you want?

I am asking to be nice but we are getting what I want.

Luv Ya

I am mad at you just don’t mess with me for a while

Are you sure?

I didn’t like your answer

I will make it up to you

I will make it up to you if I remember I said it

Get off my ass

Brace yourself


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