The special little things about grandpa

Before my grandpa died in 1998 I spent a lot of time with him. I love history and loved listening to his stories. I knew that one day I would not have the chance. He was in WWII Army Air Corp.
Now that he has been gone for 14 years I see him in my mind less and less but when I get into a project or something I think about that skill coming from him.
I was lucky enough to get some of his tools that I just took, but I told grandma. Most of them went to my cousin Michael. At least he will get some use out of some of them.
The other day I was in the garage with hubby, who I call my everything mechanic, and I pulled out some of his tools. Hubby started looking at the tools and saw these 2 little marks on them. I thought they were wear marks, but I was surprised to find out that he marked his tools for identification. Through the years I worked with him on a bunch of projects but never knew about the secret of the tools. Grandpa never got to meet hubby but I am sure he would have loved him.
I learned something new about my grandpa and it made my day.


One comment

  1. good2begone · July 21, 2012

    Great story!

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