Waiting to leave

When my mom got really sick from her brain cancer I would go up to Missouri at least every other weekend to see her and give my step-dad a bit of a break. She had already had 4 brain surgeries and even more strokes. She needed full time care and he took really good care of her.

A couple of weeks after Thanksgiving I got up to Missouri on a Friday afternoon, as usual and found when I got there that my mom was in something like a coma. The Hospice people came and said she didn’t have much time left so I called my sister that got there on the first flight Saturday morning.

My mom was in a hospital bed in the living room for convenience so we pulled her rockers up to the edge of the bed. We spent hours and hours talking playing cards and Scrabble and pretty much anything to keep us busy. Although the circumstances were terrible I learned more about my sister than I ever had before. I also had more respect for her. I thought of her more than just my little sister. She had gone from the dumb blonde to a smart funny independent woman and great mom. I was proud to say she was my sister when only a ew days earlier I barely knew her.

I like to think that mom was listening. They say that people often hold on for something specific. I think in this case it was  that she wanted me and my sister to come together. I am guessing that she thought we could take care of each other. She was right we are closer now than we have ever been. I would like to see her more, but she is a busy working mom of a 4 year old.

So I guess mom knew when she was ready to go even though we weren’t ready to let her.

Me Lisa, and grandma

Me Lisa and grandma missed Mom on the first Christmas we spent without her.


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