Live out of the laundry basket.

When my mom was told she had less than 3 years to live if she was lucky she stopped sorting her socks. She also stopped doing a lot of other things like making her bed, going to bed at a decent hour, eating right, and she didn’t do much of any cleaning.

I told her that her socks didn’t match one day and she told me that she didn’t have time to sort socks, there was too much other stuff that she never got to do and sorting socks wasn’t one of them.

In the 3 and a half years that she lived she went on 5 cruises, she would go to thrift stores and get what she called cruise clothes and then she would donate them. She went to Greece, Istanbul, Italy, Alaska, Egypt just to name a few. She also went on more ski trips than I can remember, took up crafts and volunteered when she could.

She shoved all she could into that three and a half years and it taught me that I need to start now.


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