Try everything

The only things I can’t do are things I haven’t tried yet.


Rules for the country part 6

  1. Make love in the warm rain
  2. Never underestimate the girl with a gun, there is karma in the country too
  3. You never know which way the deer will run slow down
  4. Only girls can where boots with shorts
  5. Don’t waste time looking for the end of the rainbow, nature is a treasure
  6. Yes you have to take the kids
  7. let a new visitor find an arrowhead
  8. Turds don’t really float during a turd floater
  9. That smell never goes away
  10. Wow turkey can get off the ground


Oh and the cows are still stupid


Maybe more

You walk out the door and 5 minutes later I call you just to say I love you. My heart is filled with memories of you and my mind does not waste a second remembering the exact look you had on your face when you walked out the door. Every thought that fills my head is about you and our life together not to mention our miracle. I can’t concentrate on anything. I do mindless busy work to calm my mind sometimes. When we are together I reach over and touch your arm because I love to feel you close and know you are there. My mind spins with ideas of what I could say to get you to come home although I usually decide against it so not to push you away. I melt inside when I remember the special words you said to me this morning. I always want to be what you need in a wife, best friend, lover and great huntin’ buddy.

I long for the moment that my head will be back on your shoulder and your strong arm wrapped lightly around me. That time stands still “Nothing in the world matters but us”. There is no nothing, no hot no cold, no stress, and no problems. I know they are still there but they just can’t get past the shield that is produced when our love collides in my soul.

Everyone has their own way of seeing love and the description above is the best I could come up with to explain the way I feel about you every second. Forever and beyond.

Gifts from the heart

Giving a gift of your time imagination and heart can be difficult but it is worth far more than the price tag that could ever be put on it. It is true that a handmade gift has to be given to the right person, as some have not realized the value of time.

Grandma probably has more to dust than she knows what to do with, especially if it is a large family. There probably isn’t a more thankful recipient of something from the heart that takes time than grandma. In this case small things mean a lot. A great example of a birthday gift could be a plant grown from a clipping complete with the story of its existence. Another idea would be a handmade coupon from dinner at her favorite restaurant, a chore around the house, or even to run an errand. Displays of events or special times made into scrapbooks or a video that can be played on her TV make great grandma gifts, not only do they bring people together but they also give an opportunity for learning more about the past, and you should never miss a chance to hear a grandma story.

But grandmas aren’t the only ones that would appreciate a gift that cost your time. Consider a best friend, especially one that seems to be busy all the time. A kidnaping for a picnic lunch may be just the thing to reunite two friends, but to make it really special, bring a homemade cake and a song, sing the birthday song make it silly or even write new words to it, “Anyone can be friends, it takes true friends to be silly”. Another idea for a special friend might be a saying that tells them how you feel. It could be written on just about anything like a card or a picture. IT could even be painted on a piece of furniture, gear it to what your friend is interested in. It really doesn’t matter what it says as long as it is honest and from the heart. For example to a true friend “To all the nights that turned to morning and a friend that turned into family” is a great tribute to friends.

Whatever you choose to give to whoever you choose to give it to will never forget the time put into that birthday gift and it will be well worth the effort and the joy it can bring is priceless.

Breakfast Breakdown

Slowly waking up this Sunday morning I was thinking “Yuck, another hot August day in Texas“. Then I heard my husband ask “How about breakfast in bed?” I hopped up and said “Do you want me to make it?” Breakfast has always been my favorite meal to cook. It’s easy and always comes out good, probably because you are so hungry when you eat it. I think my husband thought it was a personal assault on his self-esteem that I wanted to make it because I didn’t like his cooking. His cooking is fine, it is his technique for seasoning things is a little more intense than I like. He sat down in his usual seat sulking and I went into the kitchen to find the remnants of his midnight snack which included the dirty dishes and an over flowing trash can. I reached down and started pulling out the bag. I had to fight with it for a moment as he tends to push it down until the sides of the plastic can are about to split. His chair is right next to the can and he just sat there and watched me struggle. When I got the bag out, I tied it and started to walk out with it. I had to say excuse me because he didn’t budge and I didn’t want to drag the trash across him, actually I didn’t even want to take it out, so I was sulking too.

As I walked outside I busted out crying. I had a really good reason, I am pregnant and moody. So I dumped the trash bawling all the way, came back in and went into the bathroom where I continued crying so he could hear me. He stormed outside slamming the door behind him. He was back in about a minute and started cleaning the kitchen with as much aggression as could be put into dishes.

After about five minutes I came out and said “I am sorry for making you mad” all I got was “I’ll get over it” and I started crying again. I guess he felt bad because he came and gave me a hug and said he was sorry for being a grumpybutt. I answered with I am sorry for being a pain-in-the-butt. He proceeded to tell me that is what marriage is about, putting up with each other’s butt.

The only thing that came out of this breakdown in my opinion was that my husband agrees that I am a pain in the butt and neither of us got breakfast.

Happy Sunday, bring on the week.

How I won my husband

In 2010 I had a live in boyfriend that was not only a friend from school he was also a social butterfly. He always wanted people around, which wasn’t so bad. I really didn’t invite him to move in, he came for vacation and never left. He ended up throwing a block party and there were probably about 100 people there. It was on my birthday but he didn’t tell anyone that it was my birthday. One of his friends that he invited was my now husband who was also an old school friend that I ran around with all the time but never really got to know him.  He found out it was my birthday and he felt so bad he didn’t bring a present he did all the dishes from the party and cleaned my kitchen. What a wonderful gift.

He started coming over more often and we got a chance to talk because there were a lot of people there every night. One night I had a batch of just out of the oven peanut butter cookies and he ate just about the whole pan. From then on I made fresh cookies every night I knew he was coming over. I would even ask the live in ” Is Jason coming over? He’s my favorite person to hang out with”  the live in didn’t get it.

Just about every night he would come over and either eat or take the cookies and I never changed from those peanut butter cookies. The live in finally left and I married Jason in March 2011.

I later learned that he hates peanut butter but said those were the best cookie he ever had. Now I make him Oatmeal Rasin.