Breakfast Breakdown

Slowly waking up this Sunday morning I was thinking “Yuck, another hot August day in Texas“. Then I heard my husband ask “How about breakfast in bed?” I hopped up and said “Do you want me to make it?” Breakfast has always been my favorite meal to cook. It’s easy and always comes out good, probably because you are so hungry when you eat it. I think my husband thought it was a personal assault on his self-esteem that I wanted to make it because I didn’t like his cooking. His cooking is fine, it is his technique for seasoning things is a little more intense than I like. He sat down in his usual seat sulking and I went into the kitchen to find the remnants of his midnight snack which included the dirty dishes and an over flowing trash can. I reached down and started pulling out the bag. I had to fight with it for a moment as he tends to push it down until the sides of the plastic can are about to split. His chair is right next to the can and he just sat there and watched me struggle. When I got the bag out, I tied it and started to walk out with it. I had to say excuse me because he didn’t budge and I didn’t want to drag the trash across him, actually I didn’t even want to take it out, so I was sulking too.

As I walked outside I busted out crying. I had a really good reason, I am pregnant and moody. So I dumped the trash bawling all the way, came back in and went into the bathroom where I continued crying so he could hear me. He stormed outside slamming the door behind him. He was back in about a minute and started cleaning the kitchen with as much aggression as could be put into dishes.

After about five minutes I came out and said “I am sorry for making you mad” all I got was “I’ll get over it” and I started crying again. I guess he felt bad because he came and gave me a hug and said he was sorry for being a grumpybutt. I answered with I am sorry for being a pain-in-the-butt. He proceeded to tell me that is what marriage is about, putting up with each other’s butt.

The only thing that came out of this breakdown in my opinion was that my husband agrees that I am a pain in the butt and neither of us got breakfast.

Happy Sunday, bring on the week.


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