Gifts from the heart

Giving a gift of your time imagination and heart can be difficult but it is worth far more than the price tag that could ever be put on it. It is true that a handmade gift has to be given to the right person, as some have not realized the value of time.

Grandma probably has more to dust than she knows what to do with, especially if it is a large family. There probably isn’t a more thankful recipient of something from the heart that takes time than grandma. In this case small things mean a lot. A great example of a birthday gift could be a plant grown from a clipping complete with the story of its existence. Another idea would be a handmade coupon from dinner at her favorite restaurant, a chore around the house, or even to run an errand. Displays of events or special times made into scrapbooks or a video that can be played on her TV make great grandma gifts, not only do they bring people together but they also give an opportunity for learning more about the past, and you should never miss a chance to hear a grandma story.

But grandmas aren’t the only ones that would appreciate a gift that cost your time. Consider a best friend, especially one that seems to be busy all the time. A kidnaping for a picnic lunch may be just the thing to reunite two friends, but to make it really special, bring a homemade cake and a song, sing the birthday song make it silly or even write new words to it, “Anyone can be friends, it takes true friends to be silly”. Another idea for a special friend might be a saying that tells them how you feel. It could be written on just about anything like a card or a picture. IT could even be painted on a piece of furniture, gear it to what your friend is interested in. It really doesn’t matter what it says as long as it is honest and from the heart. For example to a true friend “To all the nights that turned to morning and a friend that turned into family” is a great tribute to friends.

Whatever you choose to give to whoever you choose to give it to will never forget the time put into that birthday gift and it will be well worth the effort and the joy it can bring is priceless.


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