Maybe more

You walk out the door and 5 minutes later I call you just to say I love you. My heart is filled with memories of you and my mind does not waste a second remembering the exact look you had on your face when you walked out the door. Every thought that fills my head is about you and our life together not to mention our miracle. I can’t concentrate on anything. I do mindless busy work to calm my mind sometimes. When we are together I reach over and touch your arm because I love to feel you close and know you are there. My mind spins with ideas of what I could say to get you to come home although I usually decide against it so not to push you away. I melt inside when I remember the special words you said to me this morning. I always want to be what you need in a wife, best friend, lover and great huntin’ buddy.

I long for the moment that my head will be back on your shoulder and your strong arm wrapped lightly around me. That time stands still “Nothing in the world matters but us”. There is no nothing, no hot no cold, no stress, and no problems. I know they are still there but they just can’t get past the shield that is produced when our love collides in my soul.

Everyone has their own way of seeing love and the description above is the best I could come up with to explain the way I feel about you every second. Forever and beyond.


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