Getting Arrested

On Tuesday night I was driving home from the store with little girl when I was pulled over. The police lady asked me why I didn’t even slow down for the stop sign then screamed “With an infant”. I have lived here for 40 years or so and there didn’t used to be a stop sign there, that is why.

Come to find out I had a warrant for my arrest for dilapidated fence , go figure, it was from a house that I no longer own, but she didn’t care. She asked who I could call to get the baby and I talked her into her following me home to drop her and the car off.

Anyway, they didn’t use my right name so my husband had a hard time finding me so I spent the night in jail, my first night ever I might add at 40 years old.

Now tell me who gets arrested for a dilapidated fence?? Me that’s who.


It has been a while

Mostly because I had my baby, I have a new respect for mothers, but I don’t think that the people who make baby stuff considered that there might be someone trying to read it that doesn’t have 20 year old eyes.

I have a lot of other things I want to throw out there but this is a start.

Picture of the little girL