Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears as Seasons Change

Every three months just as sure as the sun rises the seasons will change. Here in Texas there are only two, HOT and winter sometimes, at least that is the way it seems. I know I often speak of the country but it is where my inspiration is.

Last year on the first day of Fall I happened to be up early and was watching the sunrise and thinking how beautiful it was. There was no way the day could be anything but wonderful. I went treasure hunting, which is what I call looking for rocks, artifacts and just about anything that catches my eye. It was the perfect temperature a light breeze and partly cloudy which is just right. Sometimes I am gone looking for hours and today was no exception. Wouldn’t you know it in the early afternoon it started raining. It was the light warm rain that doesn’t hurt but rather mists your skin just enough to provide a refreshing change.

As I headed back to the house there was a rainbow, not so uncommon after a rain but to me they are one of the true beauties that really amaze me, along with the movement of the sun and seeing the sunrise and a rainbow on the same day was a great memory.

Every day while we are in the country just like a little girl I run out side and call to my husband sunset kiss. It gives us just a minute to thank each other for what we have together. This day was extra special because I also saw the sun rise and the rainbow and now got the opportunity to see the sunset as well.

My mom wrote me a letter that I found after she had passed away that said she was going to be my guardian angel and not long after sunset we looked up and saw a shooting star which I like to believe was my mom sending me the wonderful day.

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Daily Prompt : I can smell the rain and see the windmill

WindmillWhen we pull up the dirt road and get close to our gate we always know we are home when we see our wind mill. Unfortunately we don’t get to spend as much time in the country as we would like. We live in the city where there are rude drivers, cranky people and dirty air most of the year, but there is one thing that beings me back to the country is the smell of the rain. It reminds me of walking through the pasture back to the house because my mother never taught me to come it out of the mud. I always stayed out too long when I go walking and ended up in the rain. It is one of the most wonderful feelings on the skin, And the bonus is the glimpse of a perfect rainbow peaking through the remainder of clouds as they drift away and lets the sun back in.

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Daily Prompt: Never Again

A few years ago I was asked out on a Date with an old friend from junior high. I hadn’t seen him in forever and looked forward to the chance to catch up.

Let’s just say it is a good idea to find out where you will be going. He took me to Crystal’s pizza, the place we went when we were kids. All I can say is I hope it was nicer than that 25 years ago. It was dirty and falling apart not to mention only had kid games and shows. The pizza was awful soggy cardboard with unknown toppings.

I was expecting an adult date not a play date. So I have 2 never again things. I will never go to Crystal’s pizza and 2 I will never go on a date without knowing where I am going. Lesson Learned


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Daily Prompt : Ballerina Fireman Astronaut Movie Star

So interesting that this came up, just today I was talking about my daughter and making a joke about what I wanted her to be when she grew up and I started thinking about myself. What did I want to be when I was in school? I wanted to be an artist. I even got a scholarship to the Art Institute but chose not to take it because my mom said “There is no money in art, you need to get a real job, so I did. I ended up getting a job with the phone company starting as a service rep and making my way up the ladder, slowly I might add, to engineering and finally ending up in consulting. I will never really know if my mom was right but I do know there was money in what I chose. Now that I am older and value my time and my family much more, guess what? I want to be an artist so I lend every spare minute to art. I want to leave something meaningful behind. And just for the record I wanted my daughter to be the first Lawyer, Model, President, Nobel Peace Prize winning woman in history. Hey, if I said something normal she wouldn’t end up as that either.


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