Daily Prompt : Ballerina Fireman Astronaut Movie Star

So interesting that this came up, just today I was talking about my daughter and making a joke about what I wanted her to be when she grew up and I started thinking about myself. What did I want to be when I was in school? I wanted to be an artist. I even got a scholarship to the Art Institute but chose not to take it because my mom said “There is no money in art, you need to get a real job, so I did. I ended up getting a job with the phone company starting as a service rep and making my way up the ladder, slowly I might add, to engineering and finally ending up in consulting. I will never really know if my mom was right but I do know there was money in what I chose. Now that I am older and value my time and my family much more, guess what? I want to be an artist so I lend every spare minute to art. I want to leave something meaningful behind. And just for the record I wanted my daughter to be the first Lawyer, Model, President, Nobel Peace Prize winning woman in history. Hey, if I said something normal she wouldn’t end up as that either.


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