Broken mirror

deer in the mirror

Deer painted on the wall

I don’t look at myself often in the mirror, it is not because I think I look that great or am sure of myself or anything, I like to say that it is because I don’t have time.

The truth is that it is probably fear of getting older. Different people deal with it in different ways, like my husband who drives fast because he says it keeps him feeling young. I don’t like to see my grey hair.

One day the mirror in our bathroom broke and it wasn’t even an inconvenience. The only thing was this big spot of blank white wall staring me in the face. So I did what any artist would do, I painted a picture to cover the emptiness.

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Pain is not always physical

 Most of the greatest things that have happened to me are all with some price, not so much dollar price or sore muscles as Jane Fonda suggests, but more the impressions that are constantly molding my heart and mind.

Being married is work, everyday we are putting our hearts out loose for our someone special to take care of and at the same time trying to care for the one laid out for us. Hearts are fragile and therefore marriage is as well. At least for me who had never had any children and at the age of 40 married a man of the same age that had never been married. We vowed that divorce will never be an option and we make sure we stick by that vow. We definitely put a lot of time into how to come together, after all with 40 years already behind us we are kind of, well stubborn is the only way to describe it.

My daughter, a miracle is one of the reason the work of marriage is so important.

A phase where she wanted to get in everything and this drawer was a better fit than daddy's shoe.

A phase where she wanted to get in everything and this drawer was a better fit than daddy’s shoe.

My reputation took many years of being the first one at the office, being the one everyone call, and being the one that has all of the answers, or at least perceived as, to build and I take care of it as some might a precious object. This made me a career woman a bit early on and I didn’t do as much of the enjoying the life when I would young as most people I know. The price to me was worth is as now I am better able to enjoy what I have built although it is always a work in progress.

Value is subjective and pain is not always physical but “Yes” I think that most things to me at least the things that mean the most required some pain to achieve.

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Start the day with a sunrise kiss

Most days I am disappointed if I miss the sunrise. It gives me quiet time before my two year old wakes up, it’s warm colors and rays of light guide my thoughts to ideas for the future or peaceful memories of my favorite people or places.

The limitless beauty and uniqueness that appears almost everyday is one of the few things that truly amaze me, (also on the list airplanes, that much metal shouldn’t fly). Spending the 5 minutes or so to watch the dazzling performance of color is time well spent.

Right before the color fades and the sky turns that everyday grey I go find my husband for a sunrise kiss.


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Probably turning someone elses head

It was I don’t know how many decades ago but I was at the local grocery store with my grandma, she was young enough to take herself but she liked to have someone drive her and go to lunch after.

We were standing in line at the checkout and said in a not so quiet voice “Do you smell that?” I replied “What?” She said “What is that smell?, I know have smelled it before I just can’t remember where”. I confirmed that yes I smelled it in hopes that it would end the conversation and she would know she wasn’t losing it.

Not my grandma, she asked again “What is that smell? Where is it coming from?” I quickly turned to her with a sharp “be quiet”, more of a hint that she might be wise just to drop it.

She was pretty thick and was lot letting it die until I let her know that it was marijuana and the that 2 people standing in front of us in line reeked of it.

Silence followed until we were clear of the store and the hippies as she called them. She was not using the term in a derogatory way, That is just what she knew about people and activities in the 60’s and popular name for them.

By the way I wasn’t alive in the sixties. but my aunts and uncles were. I wonder which one she remembered the smell from.

I miss you so much grandma, no one loves like I do, well grandpa, but who could compete with that.

This is us with grandma on her last birthday. So lucky to have the picture but more lucky to have the memories.

This is us with grandma on her last birthday. So lucky to have the picture but more lucky to have the memories.

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No thank you very much

Boy do you clean up nice. Ummm, Thank you I Think.

For starters let me say that I don’t subscribe to the norm in the tradition of women wearing makeup. Most people have never seen me with it on. I wouldn’t say that I was really a natural beauty or anything but I have terrible skin and makeup just makes it worse so no makeup for me. On rare occasion some powder eye makeup or lip gloss. but that is about it. I remember from school those girls the had caked on make up that ended right at the edge of their face and I have to say that some looked really good most weren’t quite a match. I always wondered if that looked better than my plain face.

We went to a reunion a few years ago, twenty five years had done a number on most of those faces and it was funny to see the same faces that were thick with base make up then were still think with it now I can only guess that it was covering the years of damage it had caused.

So my question today is which is better? Thick or thin. How much makeup is enough? Please share your comments men and women,  I am sure I am not the only one who wonders this.

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Sick as a dog

For the last two days I have been sick as a dog and my daughter has been energy on overdrive. I didn’t know that the Frito bag refilled itself after emptied, apparently it does. I have already vacuumed it up twice.

Here is my question for the day for all parents and those that have all of the answers even thought they have never had any.

What do I do with the baby when I can barely lift my head off the pillow and daddy has to work?

Need help..