Makin’ Memories

The ones we love live on in the memories we share of them. One of my favorite lines that I came up with after the death of my then mother-in-law, and my closest friend. After 15 years we had a scrap book full of memories. Going to the lake house, lunch at tea rooms, browsing antiques, tubing down the Guadalupe, movies and one of my favorites Sunday Bar B Que. Unfortunately the one that will forever be in my head is our planned journey together. We were both over weight and we were having lap band surgery together. If you have ever been overweight you know that it seems much easier to try to get healthy when you have someone to do it with. Before you can have bariatric surgery you must go through what seemed like a never ending series of tests; psych, blood, stress, to name a few and I can through with flying colors. My friend on the other hand was not as lucky. During the testing she found she had breast cancer. So I had stomach surgery and she had a breast removed. chemo and radiation were very hard on her and she became to tired to fight. I was sitting by her side when she took her last breath which is the memory that is stuck there. It is also the memory that kept me going through all of my ups and downs and though we were not physically together she was by my side leading me to success.


And if you were wondering I have lost 180 pounds and kept it off for 6 years.


Thanks to the daily post for the inspiration


9 thoughts on “Makin’ Memories

  1. I’m so sorry you lost your dear friend, but glad that she has continued to be an inspiration to you. Congrats on losing so much weight and keeping it off, that is an amazing accomplishment.

  2. Sometimes sharing those special , final stages of life with someone gives us the courage to continue on and their very memory acts as an inspiration for us to raise our goals for life and ourselves. Sorry for your loss of a dear friend.

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