Park on the Driveway drive on the Parkway?

To me it doesn’t really matter as long as I can get where I need to go. This did spark the memory of the frontage road. One day when I was not so young, I asked my dad why there were so many roads named frontage. When he laughed and explained that it was not the name of the road but a designation of the road next to a highway. I know I will never forget it, unlike most of the things that my dad told me when I was a teenager. But I just love sharing the little piece of information and the responses I get.

Thanks for the daily inspiration


4 thoughts on “Park on the Driveway drive on the Parkway?”

  1. Bravo. You learn about things by asking questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question. Your curiosity about things is part of your innate nature as an artist. That is what we do. Ask questions. Learn things. Create.

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