finding a way your audience can relate

Before I married my new husband almost 4 years ago we had a discussion quite often about the ring. Ladies, I am sure you know what I am talking about. I told him the ring didn’t matter to me, that I didn’t need him to take care of me only to love me.

His response was “My wife is not going to have a cheesy ring”

Every time the conversation came up I tried to convinced him that the ring was not the foundation of our future but he continued to insist.

One day I had a little extra spirit in me and attempted again to get through to him. He being a die hard hunter has quite an array of firearms and special ammunition and accessories for each of them. One day he was particularly upset because they stopped making the bullet that one of his guns took. He proceeded to go to the store and buy every type on bullet on the market. I asked him why he didn’t just buy the most expensive one? “Shouldn’t it be the best?” I asked. He told me that it didn’t matter how much they cost but how much the gun liked them. Then it hit me.

I brought the conversation of the ring back up and after saying the same thing and getting the same response. I told him that it didn’t matter how much it cost as long as the gun liked the ring. He looked puzzled for a few moments. We eloped less than a week later. 

Thanks for the inspiration not lemonade


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