What is an admirer? Oh

I have always thought of myself as fat plain girl. I never really had admirers. I was that girl that was all of the guy’s little sister, Many guys and girls know exactly what I am talking about, you would never date them but they are easy to talk to and that walking on eggshells thing that you get in new relationships is nonexistent.. To add insult to injury, I was fat plain girl with a car so I was popular fat plain girl. I never really had a boyfriend much less an admirer.

When I got older fat plain girl got bigger and let’s face it no one admires that fat girl always had a pen.

Fast forward, I am now thin, to anyone’s measurement and although I have never gotten random flowers but the examples that I have encountered are entertaining to say the least. I stopped a convenience store on the way home from work to get some beer, and this was one of those huge fuel stops with four cashiers. Apparently one of them admired me because during the peak rush he decided to carry the beer out for me. I am not sure I have ever seen that. I didn’t want to carry it anyway.

I ended up going to a reunion at our old skating rink and was told by more guys than I can count that “You know I really liked you in school”, yeah right I knew that line, they might as well have said “Wow you are not disgusting like you used to be, what to go on a date?”. Not likely

My real favorite was the guy that crashed into a pole while watching me. At least that is what my new husband said.


Oh and if you are interested in how I lost the weight comment or send me an email

Thanks to today’s inspiration


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