Look it up to be sure – It may be the exact opposite of what you thought

I am one of those people that parents told look it up. The method has changed drastically but the idea is still the same and I still do it all the time. The best weapon you have is words so it is important to continually improve your skills. It goes as a close partner to wit and allows one to be quick on their feet. One of my favorite sayings I love fighting against someone who has no ammunition The real irony comes in the witless usually have the most to say that is useless and at times idiotic. You know the ones that actually have the nerve to put down in writing you are so stouped. Yup, isnt it ironic? So the lesson of the day look it up I do and although it has not improved my spelling my vocabulary is a plethora that while overabundant has proved itself to be quite useful.

Thank you todays inspiration



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  3. psychologistmimi · August 31, 2014

    100% agree! 🙂

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