Canned Ham Laughter

I consider myself a relatively new mommy at the age of 40, our daughter is 19 months. I have come to the conclusion that there really is a reason 20 something’s have babies and 40 something’s are grand parents. My back is not what it used to be and the question that has puzzled me for years has been answered. How can those parents just ignore their child. Now I know it is not hard at all

I know I complain about her, miss mad as I like to call her, is actually a really good girl and she is growing on me. She is always happy, even when she’s mad she is always with a smile. Her amazement  in all things around her never rests . Some of the things she comes up with completely blows my mind. She has been able to get a door open for several months and the expression on my face when she opened a can last week was I am sure priceless.

Right now we are working on talking. funny thing is; she can count to ten but her sentences come out in another language, I still answer her like I know what she is saying. she has the bye and hi and night night and she has the waving going on too, The really incredible thing that she does is harmonize with any music that comes on the radio, tv or even live. The words are just what she is making up but it  is in harmony. Then when we say how cute she looks she tilts her head to the side to lay it on her stuffed deer. I just want to call her ham.

Thank you daily inspiration



  1. The Pinterested Parent · August 18, 2014

    I am also a 40 year old mom to a 2 1/2 year old, so I know what you are saying. I want a sibling for her so badly but at this point with my age and health issues it doesn’t seem feasible. They are amazing. You love them so much and yet they are exhausting. The talking age is fun. I have full blown convos with my daughter now. It is wonderful. It will be here soon. Enjoy the silence. Lol!

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