Love the cause hate the prompt

I hate hate hate this daily inspiration. It makes me think of my mother, who died of brain cancer almost 6 years ago.

I have seen and even been involved in the Susan G Komen fight for breast cancer and they have received more than half a billion dollars since they started but it is for breast cancer.

ALS affects 5600 people per year and about 30,000 people have it. I know it is aggressive and the life expectancy is 3 to 5 years. I cant claim to know how anyone feels but I do understand what they are going through.

The national brain Tumor Society receives around 6 million per year and there are about 50,000 people that are diagnosed per year with brain cancer.

You can call me bitter but the brain cancer in my mother was a second primary as she was a breast cancer survivor of 11 years when she was told on her birthday that she had brain cancer. She was given 3 years and fought with everything she had. It ended after 4 craniotomies and 3 and a half years. She never complained but you could see the pain on her face.

Now what really makes me bitter I have also lost my paternal grandmother, maternal grandmother, mother-in-law, and best friend to cancer. My daughter will not ever meet the wonderful women they were.

Sorry I had to get it out. I dont think that the ALS story is a globally appealing topic. Check the numbers 30,000 have it and there are about 7.2 billion people on the planet.

I am glad that they have so many people dedicated to helping their cause, currently at $31 million in donations.

No thanks to the daily inspiration for the bad memories


12 thoughts on “Love the cause hate the prompt

    • Thank you for the feedback, I have always considered myself an artist although technical writing is a big part of my job. My husband has been telling me I have a way with words and I really should put them down so I am giving it a try. Thanks again

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