Tunnel to the Country

Menar1When I find myself over stressed for whatever reason, not enough time, not enough money, not enough patience. It is time to take a trip to the country, which is what we call our ranch in central Texas. I love to spend my days walking for hours at a time searching for treasures from the past that could be anything from a one hundred year old penny to a million years old fossil. I find sea glass and coral, different pieces of old tools and things made out of Iron.

We are hunters but kind to the land. My favorite season is everything else season or critter season, when we chase jack rabbits at sundown or possums at daylight.

This is my place where there is no artificial noise drowning out the sounds and no florescent light distracting from the spectacular performance the country puts on every night.

At times I wonder if my tunnel is being used for other purposes as I understand that is a preferred means of travel of the immigrants coming from our Southern border. Who knows?

Thank you today’s oops yesterday’s inspiration



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