Planet of the ants

This title has been sitting in my drafts  for a while, today I decided to write something.

I don’t exactly remember why I came up with the Planet of the Ants, but the other day I was looking down at the ground as I often do while in search of rocks, fossils, native artifacts and whatever treasure I come across and saw ants everywhere going every different direction quickly as you would expect of an ant.  I normally see them traveling a route that resembles a highway, but this group seemed to be without purpose.

When I looked closer it was like a metropolis of ants going here and there. Some carrying food or whatever ants carry.  The little holes with no mound but  a cone shape down to an opening not more than a quarter inch deep were moving as the ants went in and out. I could not see any conflict or road rage no confrontation no fighting.  Maybe we could learn a few things. But not everything.

the deer won't miss it

the deer won’t miss it

I initially thought I am going to get eaten alive standing in this ant pile, but it wasn’t really a pile, it was just the ants going on with life in their little part of the planet.


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