No thank you very much

Boy do you clean up nice. Ummm, Thank you I Think.

For starters let me say that I don’t subscribe to the norm in the tradition of women wearing makeup. Most people have never seen me with it on. I wouldn’t say that I was really a natural beauty or anything but I have terrible skin and makeup just makes it worse so no makeup for me. On rare occasion some powder eye makeup or lip gloss. but that is about it. I remember from school those girls the had caked on make up that ended right at the edge of their face and I have to say that some looked really good most weren’t quite a match. I always wondered if that looked better than my plain face.

We went to a reunion a few years ago, twenty five years had done a number on most of those faces and it was funny to see the same faces that were thick with base make up then were still think with it now I can only guess that it was covering the years of damage it had caused.

So my question today is which is better? Thick or thin. How much makeup is enough? Please share your comments men and women,  I am sure I am not the only one who wonders this.

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6 thoughts on “No thank you very much

  1. jacolev says:

    Less is always great. I only used eye shadow, eyeliner, and carmex and look devilishly hot. lol! But seriously, make up suppose to add to your beauty, not give you a mask.

  2. aminellie1inspiration says:

    I don’t like makeup either. I feel like you’re deceiving people when you have so much makeup on that people may not even recognize you without it! I only own eyeliner, lip gloss and lip balm and I never wore the eyeliner before. I just don’t like makeup. Less makeup is much better! 🙂

  3. I don’t really wear make-up either. I keep thinking I should probably figure out how to apply it properly soon given nature might start needing a bit of help soon :)!

      • My mom rarely wears make-up and I think she looks fabulous (at 67). I just figure there are times for photos and events tat I should probably “up my game” a wee bit and maybe learn how to apply eye-liner ;).

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