Pain is not always physical

 Most of the greatest things that have happened to me are all with some price, not so much dollar price or sore muscles as Jane Fonda suggests, but more the impressions that are constantly molding my heart and mind.

Being married is work, everyday we are putting our hearts out loose for our someone special to take care of and at the same time trying to care for the one laid out for us. Hearts are fragile and therefore marriage is as well. At least for me who had never had any children and at the age of 40 married a man of the same age that had never been married. We vowed that divorce will never be an option and we make sure we stick by that vow. We definitely put a lot of time into how to come together, after all with 40 years already behind us we are kind of, well stubborn is the only way to describe it.

My daughter, a miracle is one of the reason the work of marriage is so important.

A phase where she wanted to get in everything and this drawer was a better fit than daddy's shoe.

A phase where she wanted to get in everything and this drawer was a better fit than daddy’s shoe.

My reputation took many years of being the first one at the office, being the one everyone call, and being the one that has all of the answers, or at least perceived as, to build and I take care of it as some might a precious object. This made me a career woman a bit early on and I didn’t do as much of the enjoying the life when I would young as most people I know. The price to me was worth is as now I am better able to enjoy what I have built although it is always a work in progress.

Value is subjective and pain is not always physical but “Yes” I think that most things to me at least the things that mean the most required some pain to achieve.

Thank you to today’s inspiration


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