True or false the great divide

Creative writing here I come.

I definitely choose non fiction although I could probably spend much more time reading if I didn’t have to spend so much time trying to figure out which is true and which is false.

Just for anyone else that has this same problem, My husband taught me that non fiction is Not False, But I still have to think about it.

Anyway I prefer not false because I consider myself a lifetime learner and like to get something out of the reading time.

My own life is more of a story than I need and not sure if reading someone else telling the story would help.

No divide here


Her head on daddy’s shoulder

It has always been my special spot that I, with a giggle and a smile say that it was custom fit just for my head.

Little girl wasn’t feeling good and cried. Just when I thought I had all that my nerves could handle, daddy offered to hold her. She still cried but his patience and gentle touch after a few minutes had her calm and sleeping in his arms. Daddy’s magic worked on her and apparently hers worked on him too

I am still jealous that the little girl is in my spot but I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for this special moment watching my husband holding our daughter.