The hunter’s wife aka the watcher

I have to tell you that I am not sure I will ever understand “Buck Fever”, that thing that my husband gets every year about the time he hears the first dove up on the power lines in front of the house.

I really do love the country, exploring to see what new and exciting finds left behind by the Native Americans, dinosaurs, or anything else that previous inhabitants might have long forgotten. My favorite part is the time I spend watching “I mean hunting” for the animals that often pass through our property to feed or roost or just get a drink.

I get out with the best of them all decked out in camouflage up before the crack of dawn to find a good spot and leave time for the woods to settle. Falling asleep while waiting for those woods to settle is a given. The wonderful part is when I wake I am at times surrounded by all different types of wildlife.


One morning it was turkey that were so close I could have reached out and grabbed their beards, I couldn’t get a shot off because I had a rifle and just to move to aim it would have scared them off. IT was an amazing sight and I could hardly stand having to get up from the spot and startle them in fear of them not returning. I was taught to distract them somehow so I wouldn’t be the one scaring them, so I did. Then excited at what I had witnessed ran off to my conference call.

On a warm afternoon before deer season I was sitting in a lawn chair with a shotgun in my lap, usually that is just so I look like a hunter, fell asleep. When I woke up I had a dozen or so deer right in front of me not 10 feet away was a big buck. I had a hat and sunglasses on and didn’t move so I was able to watch them from close up. They are so graceful barely bending a blade of grass in search of food.

I can’t wait till I get to get back to the country and watch the locals (animals), I guess that is my buck fever.


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