Today’s magic in the Country

This was something I found while searching through my computer written in 2012.


Just about all of my inspiration comes from our little piece of the country. It is where my love, my passion and my heart remain.

I spent today in the country starting at 6:00am I watched the beautiful sunrise that is only here where my heart is. The sun slowly peeked over my favorite live oak bursting with deep shades of pink and orange. As the colors faded I headed out for an early walk hoping to beat the Texas heat. When I stepped out the door there was an armadillo at my feet surely looking for some leftovers. We throw out what we can to the animals to help in the hot dry summer.

I strolled southeast across the pasture to the draw, one of my favorite places to hunt for fossils, native American artifacts, and other things unknown that may be lying there waiting to be found. As I slowly walk around with no special path I keep my head down, not only to look for the best arrowhead I can find but also to watch out for those rattle snakes. I don’t know if I will ever stop hearing “Watch where you step, its snake city out there”. I know my husband wouldn’t say it if he didn’t care. I didn’t find much on my journey, but sometimes I think I am out there more for the inspiration and quiet time than relic hunting. There was a breeze rolling across the hills that made me forget it was August in Texas and I started thinking about the fall and what new things it was going to show me. As I was walking back I was wondering what my husband was up to, surely some project in the yard. There is always something to do on the ranch sometimes I wonder if he ever gets to enjoy it.

As I came through the yard gate the cows were standing around just looking at me with characterless expressions as usual. In the house my husband and I spent some time sitting together staring out the window and talking, one of my favorite things to do. We usually talk about useless pieces of information or stories from our past. As we sat and talked 2 baby deer walked up to the trough for a drink I am still amazed when I see them. I like to watch my husband as he looks out the window because I see him at peace and is wearing what I like to call his country smile. I have never seen anyone have so much passion for a place but I am quickly learning.

Now I sit writing this still watching out the window this time at a red warbler. The sun is starting to go down and I am getting ready to go outside to retrieve my nightly sunset kiss and watch the magic sky again. I am anxious to see the moon and stars and what tomorrow brings.


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