With mom everything was an adventure

I certainly miss my mom but one of the things I miss most was how she looked at the world. From the smallest of tasks to the greatest of experiences to her they were all adventures.

When I was young we went to Disney World on vacation. To make it a bit more interesting my mom found something called hidden Mickey, that was kind of a map of the parks that had tons of places where they had hidden Mickey in the decorations of the park. I don’t know where she found it, as it was pre internet. My sister and I were amazed to see the rose pedals cut into the shape of the Mickey head. The lengths they went through to make it an amazing experience. Oh and she also got us on the front of the monorail with the conductor and up in the leg of Space Ship Earth that happened to be sponsored by AT&T where she worked and found that employees could skip the line, so we did.

Most of her antics were not caught on film, I am sad to say but one year on a ski trip she decided she wanted to be a professional snow skier so she gave it her best shot. She the picture of how it turned out.

Moms picts (539)

Wasn’t she awesome?

She leaned over on a bank of snow and had me take the picture, and would probably be upset that I gave away her secret if she was still with us.

Thanks weekly photo challenge for the memory and the smile



  1. Ankit Mishra · September 5, 2014

    Skiing is a dance 😀

  2. Swoosieque · September 5, 2014

    Hey! I know that snow-ski trick too! 😉 Nice memories you shared!

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