In search of the next in line

crownThe hunt is on for the next in line for the throne who is unlike most others in the monarchy are not the perfect in every way or at least in the public eye. They are also no the little troublemaker doing every stunt they can think of to pry into the public eye and attempt to get some of the attention from the perfect favorite.

The next in line is the quiet secluded recluse that does not want to be in the limelight or public eye. the one that although has the characteristics of a great leader is modest and humble spending time helping the less fortunate, studying through life’s lessons. They never seek recognition or thanks only the look on the faces of the ones that benefit from the kindness they share. Working years with no one knowing of their royal pedigree one day is approached by a stranger informing them that they are being called to take their place on the throne. They inquire as to how they were located and the stranger replies that they were tasked at the babies birth to be their keeper and insure they one day are prepared to take there place in history. The recluse was curious a to why they have never come in contact with their keep before and he respectfully responded. “You have become through your own path everything that a monarch should be”.  To be successful one must find the gift within themselves, and that will truly not only give a solid foundation for leading the people of a grand nation but it will also give caring and appreciation for their lives and struggles.

With that said they accepted the task knowing deep down it was for the good of the people that they had committed themselves to helping. Oh the things they could do with the chance.

History will one day have a small place for the quite monarch that did amazing things for the people through life’s lessons.




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