Keep tradition alive

I don’t really mind most hand me downs, In fact I go out and purposely search for them. I love clothes shopping at thrift stores just as my mom did. I have a whole wardrobe of brand name clothes, many never worn or even that still have the tags on them. I love putting on a $100 sweater that I get to cut the tag off that only cost me $2. Sometimes my friends will say yuck how can you wear something that someone else has worn? And I politely tell them that unless they make all of their clothes from scratch, they don’t know that it has never been worn either. In fact they don’t know what has been done to it, especially since the person that might wear it with the tag on and bring it back to the store after is probably not any worse that the kind soul that bought it didn’t like it then donated it to a good cause. So no matter what anyone has to say about it, I love shopping for hand me downs at thrift stores.

My favorite hand-me-down is a tradition passed from my great grandmother, to my grandmother, to my mother, to me, and to my daughter, who I hope will keep the tradition alive. It is our names. My great grandmother was names Theresia, my grandmother was Rosalie Theresia, My mother was named Dianne Rose, My name is Kimberly Dianne and my Daughters name is Katelyn Kimberly. I hope that one day if she has a daughter she will pass on the tradition to her oldest daughter. My mother and grandmother both died of cancer, I hope that is a tradition we don’t share..





  1. lifelessons · September 10, 2014

    I, too, love to buy clothes at a bargain. Even clothes on the racks of stores have likely been tried on by a number of people, so like you, I have no qualms regarding buying used clothing. There is no thrill like finding a like-new $400 designer coat for $25! Judy

    • Rambling · September 11, 2014

      I guess I should not have et the secret out

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