The planets

I must have been living on Mars for the last 20 years but somewhere along the line we lost a planet.
I remember sitting in front of the TV every Saturday morning watching cartoons and mingled in with the commercials was School House Rock. Inter-planet Janet was a galaxy girl, sang about 9 planets.
Recently while watching some show on one of the Jr. networks for kids that play all day and start saying goodnight a 6 pm, one of the little characters said there were 8 planets. I thought to myself; did we lose a planet and I didn’t notice? How clueless can a person be to not notice a missing planet?
The fact that I don’t watch TV and haven’t for 4 years may be part of it. Or it may be that I am to busy or think I am.

So back to the planets thing, I want to hear from the planet, the only one that I am sure is still here. How many people knew about this and how many didn’t? I added a pole, and leave lots of comments. How can history change?


One comment

  1. Tim Pepper · September 12, 2014

    Scientists demoted Pluto back in 2006. Now considered a “dwarf planet.”

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