Alert: What is this common sense you speak of? gotta have it to lose it

Ms. Stine was much more optimistic apparently than I am.

Lately I have been under the impression that 75% of at least Americans don’t have enough to start with to lose.

Not long ago I was shopping at the local hard ware store. I usually give them quite a bit of credit at least knowing numbers so that they can measure a foot and have no idea what a square foot is. Anyway the total of my purchase was $4.42. I handed the cashier a $10 and they pushed that in and hit enter. Then I said “Oh here is .50 cents. First of all he had no clue how much to give me back, not even a starting point to start figuring. Then when he did screw it up because of my second problem with the situation, that he couldn’t count back change which could have hid his common cents display. So after me blurting out $6.02. He said I need to add that up. I asked add what up? He said my change. I being the teacher and coach of life instructed him to tell me what the register said was my change. He looked over and quickly, like to display his competence, said $5.52. I asked that he put it in his hand. I said ok now what if I give you .50 cents. Which I asked him to put into the same hand. and asked now how much is there. He replied $6.02. He said “Oh!” excited that he got it. With a kind little giggle I said now can I get a dollar bill for these quarters that make my pocket heavy and it probably wouldn’t hurt you to have the extra change later. He kind of followed my giggle and even more surprised said “oh!”.

This is what we have to look forward to. In less than 20 years he will have the right to become the man that balances the budget for the country. I thought to myself “oh” Now I see, Someone should have taught that guy, you know who to add.


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  1. waywordness · September 16, 2014

    I would like to kindly nominate you for a Liebster Blog Award. I enjoy your work. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Find link here:
    Best wishes.

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