Where are you?

I left a note on the fridge letting himknow that I would see him at midnight in the backyard for the meteor shower thinking it would be the perfect place because he always goes to get a snack when he gets home. It was a dark night perfect for viewing the light show as the news called it and I prepared for it by pulling the picnic table out into the middle of the yard so it would be clear of the trees, threw a blanket over it and grabbed one of the pillows off the couch. It was about 10 till so I jumped up on the table and laid back to watch the sky, which was one of my favorite things to do since taking Astrology in college.

The shower started right on time and was a beautiful as they said it would be. It lasted about 45 minute but I had fallen asleep after the long day. I woke up about an hour later and was by myself. The tears poured down my face as I started think about all of the terrible things that could have happened. From hospital to jail and several places that aren’t as dramatic. I had been crying for at least 15 minutes when he came through the back door and was so upset that he hadn’t shown up. He said he had been looking all over for me and that he had to work late. He didn’t even see the note even though he looked in the fridge. He told me from the beginning that he was never very good at subtle.

I forgive him, I always will no matter what just like I love him and always will no matter what.

No trio for me


What’s your sign?

Infinanimous from the power behind infinity and the true heart of the magnanimous is my sign. The constellation that can only be seen from the country where there is almost no light pollution and shooting stars are abundant.

A kind and giving person on a constant quest for knowledge who believes that every action is art of some kind and every situation encountered is an opportunity to better themselves.

Always putting the needs of others first and one that can always be counted on.

A conglomerate of the earth and water signs over time saves pieces of existence to record the journey through life.

Cheap plug for books

I am not normally one that joins the cheap plug team but wile on Amazon I found a trade-in program that they provide the shipping free, it is not a whole lot and you will not get rich but a couple of dollars for many of these piles of books I had laying around sure is going to make for a cool gift card. I am thinking about using it to buy Christmas.

It couldn’t hurt to try have fun


The color of

My memories if memories can be collectively considered a thing.

The good the bad and the ugly are in full color up there inside my head on internal storage (other wise known as Missy)

I often wonder when I am sitting in from of a blank canvas, what color I should use and do my audience see the colors the same as I do.

Do they relate blue with the color of the sky or the water.

This will I am sure continue to rattle around up there forever so I would keep the full spectrum of hues in my memories

Extra large mask

I have always thought of myself as more of a visual artist rather than an artist of the written words but I actually call myself an everything artist so in a way that is who I am.

“The things I can’t do are the things I haven’t tried; there are only degrees of how well”

-an unknown

The visual characterization of who I am would be:

A cutout of wood

Hair made of yarn

Covered with 4 different kinds of paint flat, semi-gloss, acrylic, and watercolor

Trimmed with Frosting

Accessorized with beads

Topped with paper

Filed with punch

Supported with clay

Made mobile with Science and engineering

in the hope of showing as many people as I could this example of me

All while being controlled by the little brunette behind the curtain

36 hours home

Many have asked so here it is.

The trip that had started less than 60 hours earlier ended at 11 pm Monday night.

Dianne was my mom who died of brain cancer just 2 months later. I miss her so much

me and mom. Before I lost 180 pounds yes that is me.

me and mom.
Before I lost 180 pounds yes that is me.

Daily post

Sometimes it seems like all I write about it the daily post and feel stupid as I don’t feel I need inspiration every day but I do like that it gets my mind going in all different directions.

So with that said here is a quick list of the other things going on

We are hopefully getting to the country today.

My daughter is as clumsy as I am but she amazing and I love her more every day


That’s it she keeps me busy