1001 ways to see world

Sometimes I am too shy to write anything but whatever the daily inspiration is, I am still a newbie.

I have been doodling with this for quite a while and I will add to it as I have time. So far it has just been in my head or a little notebook I carry, inspired by a book that my mom kept on her nightstand when she was fighting cancer called 14,000 things to be happy about. Maybe someday I can turn it into a book in her honor.

  1. With eyes wide open
  2. With blinders on
  3. From the Eifel Tower
  4. From a ski slope (black diamond)
  5. Through a camera lenses
  6. In the clouds
  7. From someone else’s shoes
  8. In a kaleidoscope
  9. From a live oak tree
  10. In a reflection
  11. With a friend
  12. Through the eyes of a child
  13. Running a marathon
  14. Peeking through a keyhole
  15. Balancing on a log
  16. Full of hope
  17. Combing a beach
  18. Opening a window
  19. Swimming in the ocean
  20. Riding horseback


More later, the hardest part they say is getting started so this is my start.


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