Life isn’t fair (Equal)

How many of us have heard this from our parents?

From a young age most were at some point told life’s not fair. I was young and dumb and of course said something like that’s not fair.

Now I am old and dumb and have finally figured out that they were right. It is not fair that I lost my mom to early. Not to mention my past and current mothers-in-law all to cancer. I am really tough on mothers, the only one that got away was the step monster (just kidding step monster).

The government forcing me to participate in his healthcare or even to have it is unfair and  unequal. Many did not know that Obama care does not effect congress or the president for that matter. Isn’t there an amendment about that congress shall make no law blah blah blah? Yes, of course there is, there are actually 2 the 5th and the 14th both address inequality. They are not allowed to do it, but they did.

Seeing people who are just horrible to everyone, on purpose, always seem to have someone to take care of them. Why is that?

Thanks for letting me rant about Unequal Terms


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