Grand Slam

This reminded me of Sidney, my ex- brother-in-law but always my brother. I was there when he was born.

Back in the boom times when companies had tons of money I worked for GTE Internetworking and they had Texas Ranger tickets for sales to use. But when sales wasn’t using them there was a list that employees could get on. A very short list I might add. Any time the tickets were available they would give them to the employees based on the list, and you only had 10 minutes to respond.

These were awesome tickets that were on the 13th row directly behind home plate. They also came with reserved parking and food vouchers. We ended up going at least once every 2 weeks. We would always go early for batting practice. Back then Sidney played in little league as a catcher, so to him it was like he had gone to heaven. I loved watching him and how much he enjoyed it.

Unfortunately all of a sudden companies had no money for things such as that and we had to find something else to do.

It was a homerun


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