36 hour day of travel

Very early  one October morning a few years ago there was a call from Sandy, the quiet aunt that Dianne had been dragging around since her birth. She was in tears because Dianne was not well. She and Dianne were enjoying a cruise that sailed around Italy for two weeks. Sandy didn’t know what to do and called to see if there was anything that could be done to help. Dianne was refusing to admit she had a problem but was not able to move around on her own and fell down every time she got out of bed. Sandy being the very small woman was having a hard time taking care of her, was exhausted and was not enjoying the cruise at all.

As an employee of American Airlines the ability to get somewhere was a piece of cake and someone needed help. Within 45 minutes the plane was filling with travelers and it was down to the last minute to get on that plane with no time for explanation as to the last minute arrival. New York was the first leg on the never ending day. By 5pm the flight to Milan was boarding and what a break, there was a first class seat available. Nothing makes an 8 hour flight a good thing but a first class seat sure helps. Sunday morning flying into the sunrise was a beautiful view from the plane but quite odd after only having had 5 hours of night. The flight landed in Malpensa which is a short distance from Milan where the train station was and what was thought to be the last leg of the getting there part of this journey. Rumor has it that the best place to get help in a country where a different language is spoken is the currency exchange where they have to know at least enough English to trade money. That very helpful representative explained in detail how to access the bus to get to the Milan train station. With Euro in hand and the bus portion completed the quest for bathroom and hydration was short with a restroom 20 feet away and a vendor right outside out with the old and in with the new. New being the awful hot diet Coke, apparently they always drink sodas at room temperature, at least it was wet.

Waiting in line was quick to purchase a ticket on the high speed train going from Milan to Venice Italy. It being Sunday there was no express and the train stopped at every little village and never picked up that much speed. It could have been so wonderful under different circumstances but the beautiful rolling hills covered with vineyards and the sightseeing trip would have to wait. Early afternoon and finally arriving in Venice the cruise ship was visible from the train station so a walk was the chosen means of transport for the meeting with the ship. Apparently Venice is not a walking town as the route to the ship was not as simple as previously pictured having to zip zag in and out of small walkways and cross the canals wherever a bridge was finally arriving at the ship about 2pm.

After checking in with security and having access to the ship refused the waiting game began to get Dianne and Sandy off the ship and back home. After 2 hours Security escorted them from the ship while a porter brought their luggage and loaded the water taxi.

Finally arriving at the hotel at 11 pm Dianne insisted on a real Italian meal so the Hotel restaurant was the only choice. It was no surprise that the meal was amazing but after a 36 hour day of travel by just about every means available sleep was the goal especially since the flight home was departing at 7am.

Dianne otherwise known as mom told everyone that she encountered that her daughter came all the way to Italy to save her from the cruise ship after suffering a Stroke.



  1. loupmojo · October 24, 2014

    Is this taken from life? If so that’s one hell of an act of kindness.

  2. ripplesnreflectiontimes · October 24, 2014

    Hectic Indeed! 🙂

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