Uncle Bobby contacting my dad

I came to the realization last week that every single mother that has had some sort of association with me has had cancer. Mom, Grandma, Other Grandma, Step Mom, First Mother-in-law, second mother-in-law and granny (in-law), all have won or lost a battle with cancer. Trust me you don’t want any part of being my mother.

Last year I noticed something not quite right with grandma. I would never claim to be her favorite and she would never say she had one, but we had a different relationship that she did with any of my cousins. She would call me when she needed anything. Blew a fuse, AC went out, garage door won’t open or even when her check book wouldn’t balance. It was no surprise when she asked me to come live with her; after all she was 88 years old and knew she needed help sometimes. So I sold my house and we my husband, daughter and I moved in with her. While living there it was obvious that she was not all there. She would check the mail over and over even on Sunday and leave the door open and she would eat all the ice cream she could stuff in.

I decided that it was time to tell my aunts and uncles but unfortunately I was the outcast and it didn’t help that my mom who they didn’t like was gone being one of the ones that lost her battle. After telling them that I thought something was up with grandma they flipped out. They blamed me of stealing her savings, and trying to manipulate her into giving me her house. Honestly I didn’t even think about it. I wouldn’t have wanted it anyway as I wasn’t in love with it. My grandma is what made it special. My aunts and uncles tag teamed me blaming me for money that she didn’t have that they thought that she should.

Grandma lost her battle in January of this year and I didn’t get to see her again after they kicked us out of grandma’s house they told me she didn’t want to talk to me because I stole her money. They didn’t know and probably still don’t that I called her and we talked for quite a while and she never mentioned that anyone stolen her money. I even asked leading questions like let me know if you need anything and she said she was just glad to hear from me. She didn’t know anything about it. I was really glad I called and talked to her and got to hear from her that she was ok.

This is us with grandma on her last birthday. So lucky to have the picture but more lucky to have the memories.

This is us with grandma on her last birthday. So lucky to have the picture but more lucky to have the memories.

My uncle bobby (moms brother) sent an email to my dad saying that he knows that they are our kids and that he can’t do anything but stick up for them and protect them. My dad’s response was priceless. He said you may have to stick up for your kids but I don’t have to stick up for mine. I don’t think I could have gotten a better compliment from my dad.

No thank you daily inspiration for reminding me how much I miss grandma


Quit my Job at American Airlines

In 2010 my life was turned upside down. I got a divorce, had a friend that came to visit kind of turn into a boyfriend and wouldn’t leave, ended up beating me up, was saved by my current husband and had my identity stolen. Those things are pretty big but the one that I was really in control of was when I quit my job at American Airlines where I had been for 4 years. I was in a position that did not allow me to move or grow so I resigned. I wanted to work as a consultant and I was already doing that work.  They just tend to under pay It people in my opinion. So in August I left and already had a new project with a small company in Irving. It was short but I got some good experience. In December my current husband had me pumped up believing I could do anything, so I applied and interviewed for a consultant job making twice the money that I was used to.

Wouldn’t you know I got that job and all of a sudden I was a consultant not just an analyst making a six figure income.

I probably would have never left American but the live in talked me into it. I am sure he wanted more of my money to spend. To bad he only talked me into quitting

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Envelope Pushers.”

Just for today I ‘m the story teller

Inspired by something read in Dear Abby forever ago my version

Just for today

I will start conversations

I will finish 2 projects I have started (small projects)

I will sit on the floor and PLAY with my daughter

I will tell my husband I love him until he says he is sick of hearing it

I will take some pictures

I will give granny a hug

I will tolerate that uncle that won’t shut up

I will do something for myself

I will forget the stress that consumes my days

I will show the people I love that nothing really matters in the world but us.

Remember it every day

Thank you todays inspiration

Bring out the artist in me

Having a 2 year  old there is not much time for a day off but when I do get the chance I like to call myself an artist.  My most recent undertaking is to try to sell my services on Etsy with my drawing and design of custom birth announcements including drawing from photo and design work for $99. It gives me the chance to turn what I love into income which would allow me to be off every day.

katelyn half sheetv1

The kind of sitting still that makes me sparkle!

The economy is messing with retirement

I remember my mom telling me the economy was messing up her retirement, she was going to run out of money and she may have to work, but said she didn’t have time to work.

This was before she found out she had terminal cancer. After her favorite line was there is no way they are getting out of paying me Social Security, she paid in too long to let it go to waste. She better make it to 62. unfortunately she was 61 1/2 when she died but as a tribute to my very frugal mom I suggested that my step dad get my moms SS because it was bigger then when he is full retirement age start his and he should get the full amount getting some benefit out of moms. Not sure if that is the way it works but I hope so.

Just thinking of mom today

I don’t get handmade things usually

I make almost every gift by hand so I usually don’t get handmade things.

I did get some knitted socks for my daughter when she was born that came for a person from my parents church. I have known her for 30 years but only seen her a few times in the past 20 since I have been an adult.

That was the most wonderful gift not to mention warm for my daughter who hates to be cold.

I will cherish them until it is time to pass them to her.

I am not sure why people don’t give me handmade gifts I appreciate them that much more.

Thanks Sharon