Maybe a turn for something amazing

I know I have talked a bit about bitcoin before but I want to throw some numbers at you and see if it will convince you to give crypto currency a try.

First let me say that I have been following bitcoin for about a year and a half unfortunately I was not one of those people that got a bunch and have just sat on them for the past 5 years, but I am learning. I don’t plan on missing something like this again. So with that said let me talk about Bitcoin and crypto currency. Bitcoin was created in 2009 and was given away to get it started and then after the initial distribution it grew by mining and today is the most popular of the crypto currencies. If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet you need to get one. The wallet I use is blockchain.

Now on to amazing, I have been researching the next phase in the crypto thing and I am also a part time investor in Forex, I also get a lot of news about trading. Wall Street has been talking about the next bitcoin but bigger. Many very large companies have already bought in like Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and Central Bank of Canada. I love the fact that I can walk into a Bank of America and deposit straight into it with only an invoice number and my user name. And that is all they have about me my email address.

What I am talking about is Ripple or to be exact. Ripple is a new network and crypto currency that is used for fast cheap payment transfer across the world. Ripples or XRP is super easy to buy through snapswap, Ripple tells you how and it was so easy. It took a day to credit to the account just like if you made a deposit in the bank.

Right now XRP are worth about 2 cents each. I have about 5k that I got Thursday for one cent each. So I have already doubled my money. I didn’t spend anything that I didn’t want to lose but this 5000 XRP if it realizes the same profit that bitcoin had earlier this year it will be worth $9,000,000. If it goes up in the same percentage as Amazon it will be worth $15,000,000,000, yup 15 billion. I am not in any way suggesting that is what will happen but I just thought I would share what I am doing for a chance at amazing. I didn’t really have anyone to share it with so chose my blog friends.

None of this is information was provided for pay or referral. I just wanted to give others the chance. The only thing I gain is, if it succeeds it will be amazing.

This is my cause meet effect


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