When my husband and I got together I used to do that thing where I spread my arms and say I love you this much. I would end with this magnanimous. I would also say I love you to infinity. With those came infinanamous, my word and my symbol to go with it




How ridiculous can city ordinances get?

Up until now I have been lucky enough not to have had the opportunity to deal with code enforcement in my town. After having been issued a ticket for a trailer in the front yard (I couldn’t find any ordinance about it)I started to research it. Come to find out that any vehicle over 1 1/2 tons that sits more than 24 hours is a violation. the only class of auto that is below that is a compact coming in at 1950 per a report done by USA Today, and if a day has gone by when you didn’t use it you would be in violation. So just about everybody that drives a truck is in violation.

As I said ridiculous. Can anyone top this? Let us know.

My 2 cents on crypto currency to change the world

Apparently I am consumed; I again am talking about crypto currency. I am not sure where we will end up, but I know that something in the realm of digital currency is going to explode in 2015 and I want to be on the leading edge of it. I want to see the same amazing growth as Amazon who has over time realized a 60,000% increase in value since its inception. A few someone’s are going to be rich, most likely the same someone’s as before because they are paying attention.

So what is it going to be? Bitcoin, Litecoin, primecoin, Ripples, Dogecoin, or any other crypto or digital currency out there. Will it be on a microchip under your skin (this is real there are 2000 people already chipped otherwise known as IoT Internet of Things) or just a file in your computer? Will it be on the new Plastc card that will bring all of your accounts and cards to one place for management? I personally don’t believe this one will make it (just my opinion).

I would suggest that if you are not up to date with the crypto world you should get there quick.

Some Ideas:

Open a Bitcoin or any coin wallet.

Acquire by any means coins they are even for sale on ebay

Talk about it and find out what you can

Put it all together and make your own decision

Then “call to action” comment and tell me and the world what you thin and how it will change us all

New me for the new world order

It seems lately that a day doesn’t go by when I don’t hear something about “The New World Order”, “World Currency”, “Crypto currency”, “prepping”, “Marshal Law” and Illuminati. I am not sure what the future will bring, the person I am going to strive to be is a kinder, gentler, not take everything so serious or personally and to find my inner peace. I want to find myself and what that actually is at this point in my life, I seem lately to be so focused on being there for the ones I love that I have forgotten the things that I once did that made me feel at peace, hunting rocks, sewing, playing computer games, doing projects, and just getting outside in the nice weather. I am not looking for approval and am not making any drastic changes; it is all in my head.

The drastic change is to just be me.