The best grandma in the world

Today I saw a picture that one of my great cousins had posted. The picture not only had her mother but also had my grandma. Several of my family members commented and said they could see their grandma in the picture.

Today would have been grandma’s 92nd birthday, the picture was not posted today, I just happened to see it today. I used to think my mom and my grandma were somehow looking over me or out for me. Some strange coincidences that I am not sure I believe or not, remind me just at the right time that they are there.

A few years ago on Valentine’s Day I was doing taxes and looking for an old file in my filing cabinet when I came across a poem that my mom had printed and sent to me through snail mail on Valentine’s Day several years before. How likely is it that I happened to find the valentines letter on Valentine’s Day. On my birthday a few years later I was looking for something in email and I came across the oldest email in my mailbox from my mother in 2006 and all it said was “Hi from Mom”, it made my day to read the simple massage.

So today seeing my grandma’s picture on her birthday was a gift and I made sure to take the opportunity to remember the incredible person my grandma was.

When I looked at the picture I didn’t see my grandma I saw “me”, felt her hug and heard her soft voice saying “Let’s have ice cream and play gin, it will all get better”