This morning what was in the sky

This morning sometime between 5-7 am central time I looked up in the sky and what I thought was a meteor flew by from the west to the east covering the entire sky in less than 30 seconds. It had  blue and green ring around a white center and a trail of orange behind it.

Someone please tell me what this was. I know I am not crazy and it was amazing.


My truck knows me

Well actually the first thing that comes to mind is something naughty but since I am completely G rated I am not going to go there.

My truckOn the other hand, my truck knows me. It knows when I speed up and when I slow down, because the radio goes up and down. My truck knows when I get a phone call because it completely mutes the radio. My truck knows when I am cold and automatically turns on the heated mirrors and seat warmer.  My truck knows when someone is blinding me with their high beams because it adjusts my mirrors to dim the glair. It knows when I get home because it opens my garage door and turns off my alarm. If all that isn’t enough it knows where I am going and where I have been.

What on earth do they need me for. Call my truck.

The planets

I must have been living on Mars for the last 20 years but somewhere along the line we lost a planet.
I remember sitting in front of the TV every Saturday morning watching cartoons and mingled in with the commercials was School House Rock. Inter-planet Janet was a galaxy girl, sang about 9 planets.
Recently while watching some show on one of the Jr. networks for kids that play all day and start saying goodnight a 6 pm, one of the little characters said there were 8 planets. I thought to myself; did we lose a planet and I didn’t notice? How clueless can a person be to not notice a missing planet?
The fact that I don’t watch TV and haven’t for 4 years may be part of it. Or it may be that I am to busy or think I am.

So back to the planets thing, I want to hear from the planet, the only one that I am sure is still here. How many people knew about this and how many didn’t? I added a pole, and leave lots of comments. How can history change?

I’ve been looking for you – What happens next

I have been looking for you to. You reply with the enthusiasm of a school child after learning something new. You must be my fairy godmother, here to grant me the wishes that I have always read about.

The stranger, taken off guard replies “Why yes I am, how did you know?”

I saw you in a dream a long time ago, don’t you ever dream of things and then they come true? Well maybe not you, but I do it all the time.

So I get wishes right? I understand that I get three and I can’t wish for more wishes. Let me see, be specific, what should I wish for?

What happens next?

Tell it like it is

Creative Writing here I come

There have been many occasions where I should have kept my mouth shut, I am one of those people who just tell it like it is. It us usually when it comes to those things that don’t really matter, at least no to me. I mean who cares if my husband eats a ton of hot sauce.

When I go through the drive through at his favorite bueno head taco place I tell them that I need enough hot sauce for him to eat one package with each bite. And they laugh and give me a whole sack full of it. He says “don’t tell them that” and I say why not? it is true. He says they don’t need to know that, I ask why not? it’s not a secret. He kept saying no body needs to know that. It went on and on like that for most of our meal. I thought what a silly thing to keep a secret. My telling that to the person at the drive through was for 2 reasons.

The first was because they are people too and talking to them like a real person shows respect. I have done that job, although it was about 25 years ago I can still remember that it was about the most thankless job I ever had. Every 45 seconds it was a new demand, with the current not having any idea how trying the previous was. Maintaining a friendly attitude with that type of bombardment of needs wants and ridiculous requests was a true test of character. I am thankful that I have that as part of my experience because I consider myself on the right track to personal success.

The other reason is because if he does the ordering and they ask does he want hot sauce he says yes, and he gets 2 and is mad because they only gave him 2. He on the other hand who has never worked in a fast food job doesn’t know that by me telling them he wants one with every bite, I am implying a lot and how ever many they think there should be, it should be more. I am also telling them exactly what it will take to make me happy, which is their goal. He has never complained about how many he gets when I do the ordering.

He is starting to change his ways being more specific when asking for catsup and what ever else he wants, without worry that they will be spitting in his food. I told him that I had never seen that but I would be more worried about my customer not being happy that them asking for no pickles or extra catsup.

When it matters I keep the secret but you better tell me you want me to keep it locked and sealed.

Broken mirror

deer in the mirror

Deer painted on the wall

I don’t look at myself often in the mirror, it is not because I think I look that great or am sure of myself or anything, I like to say that it is because I don’t have time.

The truth is that it is probably fear of getting older. Different people deal with it in different ways, like my husband who drives fast because he says it keeps him feeling young. I don’t like to see my grey hair.

One day the mirror in our bathroom broke and it wasn’t even an inconvenience. The only thing was this big spot of blank white wall staring me in the face. So I did what any artist would do, I painted a picture to cover the emptiness.

Thank you to todays inspiration


Probably turning someone elses head

It was I don’t know how many decades ago but I was at the local grocery store with my grandma, she was young enough to take herself but she liked to have someone drive her and go to lunch after.

We were standing in line at the checkout and said in a not so quiet voice “Do you smell that?” I replied “What?” She said “What is that smell?, I know have smelled it before I just can’t remember where”. I confirmed that yes I smelled it in hopes that it would end the conversation and she would know she wasn’t losing it.

Not my grandma, she asked again “What is that smell? Where is it coming from?” I quickly turned to her with a sharp “be quiet”, more of a hint that she might be wise just to drop it.

She was pretty thick and was lot letting it die until I let her know that it was marijuana and the that 2 people standing in front of us in line reeked of it.

Silence followed until we were clear of the store and the hippies as she called them. She was not using the term in a derogatory way, That is just what she knew about people and activities in the 60’s and popular name for them.

By the way I wasn’t alive in the sixties. but my aunts and uncles were. I wonder which one she remembered the smell from.

I miss you so much grandma, no one loves like I do, well grandpa, but who could compete with that.

This is us with grandma on her last birthday. So lucky to have the picture but more lucky to have the memories.

This is us with grandma on her last birthday. So lucky to have the picture but more lucky to have the memories.

Thank you to todays inspiration